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Well, the Park feels very lucky that the 1st Oxted Beaver Colony did a litter pick …. and they seemed to really enjoy it too!

Clearing litter is the biggest single annual expense that the Park faces (£15,000 per year!!!!) so it means alot to see youngsters help their local Park … Thank You Beavers!

Children’s Playground…

From Old to New ……
In the mid 1990s, Oxted Rotary offered to provide some new playground equipment. Seeing this as an ideal opportunity to improve park facilities, Master Park Management Committee formed a Playground Sub-Committee, including local residents and officials, to manage the design, location,  fundraising and construction.

For the safety of unsupervised children and to limit noise affecting local residents, it was decided to move from the old playground site at the back of the park. This resulted in the splendid playground we have today. It opened in 1999 and cost some £75,000. Additional swings were added in 2002, using unspent donations from the original fundraising. More benches have since been provided for adults supervising children. We continue to improve the playground as & when donations permit.

Disabled Equipment…

We are proud to have installed a roundabout, enabling children in wheelchairs to enjoy the playground and making it usable for everyone whether disabled or able-bodied.  We also added strapped swings, again so that disabled children can be safe with their friends and siblings. However, to give a guideline as to how much things cost …. these 2 pieces of equipment cost close to £15,000!!! So, this is why we ask for donations as being a charity, we are always “strapped for cash!”

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