New Pavilion Project
Fundraising Volunteers Wanted

Planning to Succeed

Planning permission has been obtained to replace the existing Oxted Master Park Pavilion with a brand-newbuilding, one that includes a café and toilets for the public, and an exceptional space for various sports teams to use and benefit from. It will also be capable of hosting various community activities –a real focal point for all users of our wonderful park in Oxted.

In order to fund this development, we need to raise close to £2m by October 2022. Some of this will be sought from grants but c.£750k is expected to be raised from the local community. It is this element that we need your help with – to explain why this pavilion will bring benefit to the local community and to help raise the funds to make this opportunity a reality.

We need people who want to help the community they live in, have a real drive and ambition, and are capable of delivering the various activities to generate these funds.


Master Park is owned by a Charity (it is not council-owned). Maintenance and upkeep is funded by the Park itself. Master Park is owned and operated by a Charitable entity (Master Park – charitable number 200846)

The Master Park Pavilion Charity is registered at Companies House and The Charity Commission (charitable number 1169040)and is separate to the Master Park Charity.

It has defined directors and members.

  • We have established a Fund-Raising Steering Sub-Committee reporting to the main board of MPPC, with Phil Trayner, Ed Bassett and Steve Foster as members.
  • This Sub-Committee will appoint additional Fund-Raising Leads, each responsible for their own working groups.
  • MPPC will seek to appoint a Head of Marketing & Communications at the same level as the Fund-Raising Sub Committee to assist in these efforts and we are working with a local PR firm to move this forward

Roles & Responsibilities for the Fund-Raising Sub-Committee:

  • Setting directions, establishing plans and monitoring targets to achieve overall fund-raising goals. Seek support from MPPC Board to gain agreement on such plans
  • Appointment of Fund-Raising Leads
  • Mentoring and advising Fund-Raising Leads to help them achieve sub-committee targets via regular meetings and reviews.
  • Guiding and coordinating scope of work for sub committees to ensure minimal overlap and maximum coverage
  • Reporting back to MPPC on overall progress (monthly), risks and mitigation and working as part of the team to ensure success.

Roles & Responsibilities for Fund Raising Leads:

  • Planning and organising activities to meet agreed targets
  • Assembling & managing a working group(s) to achieve goals
  • Providing materials to the Marketing Group to publicize events
  • Liaising with other team leads to stay aligned in efforts
  • Reporting at least monthly to Fund-Raising Sub Committee

Categories for Fund Raising Sub-Committees (with approximate initial targets for fund raising)

  • Grants and Formal Applications for Funding (£950k – possibly higher)
  • Corporate and Major Sponsors & Donors (340k)
  • Crowd Funding & Social Media focused campaigns (£105k)
  • Business to Business & Debentures (donations in kind, naming, buy a brick etc.) – £130k
  • Events (Dinners, Auctions, sponsored runs etc.) – £90k
  • Beer Festival – we hope we can align with OLSCA to establish firm commitments, although clearly 2020 has been a washout – £80k)

Roles & Responsibilities for Head of Marketing & Communications:

  • Devise and execute a communications plan to ensure that our objectives and progress are always visible to key stakeholder communities
  • Prepare and propose a budget for these activities to be debated and agreed with main board of MPPC
  • Appoint and supervise additional volunteers as required
  • Mentoring and advising Fund Raising Leads to help them achieve sub-committee targets via regular communications
  • Reporting back to MPPC on overall progress (monthly), risks and mitigation and working as part of the team to ensure success.

What do we need?

  • Fundraising Leads – people who will take responsibility for one of the sub-categories. You will create plans to deliver the target sum from the specific category and recruit as many helpers as possible to make this happen.
  • Support for Fundraising Leads – likely to be lower commitment that an actual fundraising lead but vital to support and deliver on the targeted funds. You will help build relationships, explain the benefits of the new Pavilion and work as a team to make this a success!


  • The initial plan to focus on applying for all available grants as soon as possible to create momentum and to act as a supporting case for other business and corporate sponsors does not fully work in practice. Therefore, we will work in parallel and have already submitted grant applications to TDC, OPC and Sport England in the first instance. A positive outcome from TDC will be an important step in creating momentum. A plan exists for all major potential donors.


We will launch our external campaign with a major event in early October 2020. If this is not possible due to COVID-19 issues, we will launch via a series of targeted social media events and other non-face-to-face communication.