New Park Hub

We know there are many great causes out there, but we don’t believe there is one more important than ours.

This is because our project is for a new Park Hub that will serve the community as a WHOLE and change us from a “cap-in-hand” charity to a sustainable charity.

Many people do not realise that Master Park is NOT owned or run by the council.

It is run by a group of Trustees who look after it on behalf of the community.

However, the Trustees realised that in order to create a more secure future for the park, for the children’s playground, for the trees and hedges as well as the park building itself, we had to conceive a way to generate a reliable revenue stream.

We have designed a building (and been granted planning permission) that will replace the current “single-use and unfit-for-purpose” building.

The new building will be a multi-use facility and will have a Café on the Park, able & disabled public toilets, community rooms for classes and activities such as exercise, bridge & book clubs, dance & acting workshops, wellness groups etc. and all operating along-side a multitude of resident sports clubs.

As a park, we promote and deliver a beautiful 11-acre park for anyone and everyone to use and if nothing else, the last 2 years have shown us all

just how VITAL parks are for local communities.

here are just a few of the benefits Master Park gives: –

Mental Health & Well-Being

Daily Exercise …. Socialising…. Community Spirit

The cost of our project is £3 million.

We have applied to the Surrey County Council Your Fund for a £2 million grant having already raised £700,000.


In 1923 Charles Hoskins had the vision that a “piece of land (Master Park) should be laid out and reserved for ever hereafter for the healthy recreation and amusement of the inhabitants of the parish of Oxted”. That vision and need is as relevant now as it was in 1923- but the challenges have changed.

before the roundabout, looking down east hill rd

Master Park is NOT owned by the council. We ARE A CHARITY and rely on donations and lettings to maintain this wonderful green space. We are always looking for ways to raise money to cover the ever increasing costs…..for example it costs up to £15,000 a year just to collect litter!

The new building will enable the Oxted community to benefit from using it and to generate more income which will be used to maintain and enhance the Park.

The existing building was constructed in 1967and is now coming to the end of its physical life. It’s layout means it is difficult for more than one user to occupy it at any one time. This severely restricts income opportunities for the Park and, from the sports clubs’ point of view, it does not comply with current expectations or requirements.

The proposed building has been designed to overcome the current restrictions and provide flexible space enabling more than one user at any one time as well as more use by the community as a whole, and not just the sports clubs.

The design provides 4 self-contained operational spaces. Both the ground floor & first floor lounges can double up as either one or two independently lettable spaces for functions, classes, events and/or the sports clubs. We have designed space for a tearoom/cafe which will offer snacks and refreshments to the general public and users of the Park & The Park Hub and this, in turn, will generate income for the Park.

Both floors will enjoy specatcular views of the Park via large windows on the ground floor and a balcony on the first floor. The first floor space is available for hire without interfering with any ground floor activities. We envisage bookings for a varitey of pursuits such as Pilates, Yoga, Bridge Clubs, Art Classes, private functions and gatherings. Again, this will provide a vital stream of revenue for the maintenance of the Park.

The development has been overseen by a small team of dedicated volunteers with extensive skill sets and expertise in fundraising, construction, security, health & safety and interior design.

If anybody thinks they would like to help, please contact Pammy McNaughton, Chair of Master Park Management Committee at or 07908 014525

Thank you, The Trustees of Master Park

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